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The Challenge

MUTTS Comics was a global success in the printed newspaper comic strip world, and needed to make the crucial leap online to maintain and grow their market share in a highly competitive marketplace. To do this, we knew we needed to define B2C market and forge a connection with a unique audience. The design and experience of the customer journey had to feel personal.

Our Analysis

Loyal MUTTS audiences crave character and artist content. They also highly value connecting with other friends on social media, and aligning themselves with the entire MUTTS ethos. We helped put this ethos into words in the MUTTS Manifesto, which is centered largely around animal rescue and adoption shelters, animal rights advocacy, and kindness to the earth and all beings. Branded products must serve both.

Our Solution:
open, honest and transparent

Our approach to communicating with the MUTTS audience is centered around honesty and transparency. We avoid the usual market-speak and talk directly to customers. Its incredible success continues to build on itself and we are never “done.” MUTTS works using both an inbound and growth-driven strategy:

25% sales growth year over year

We continuously research new products that resonate with the various MUTTS’ audiences. We focus only on products that are produced in alignment with the artist’s ethos and supported by the MUTTS community.

Mooch and EarlBack to School

84k “Like” growth every year

We continuously connect MUTTS to its audience. The MUTTS Voice & Tone guidelines are refined and updated annually to ensure we stay engaged with the audience, on their terms. Social media centers around being highly relatable and approachable.

30% subscriber growth over 2 years

We continuously refine MUTTS’ inbound marketing. By knowing the audience, and creating content that speaks directly to them, we have continuously delivered to all levels of the customer’s journey.

We continuously strengthen reach. Through all of the above, and also by making sure MUTTS is accessible around the world and on all devices. The site is of course beautifully optimized for mobile, and we conduct ongoing updates and enhancements to keep it agile and future-ready. The best is still yet to come.

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