Your website has launched! Now what?

When you are a new parent, you’re asked to choose a pediatrician before leaving the hospital with your infant. That’s because once you return home, there are no nurses to hover around and assist you. You’re on your own, and your child is vulnerable — and you want to be prepared in case of any “hiccups.”

Elena Nazzaro
BY Elena Nazzaro | IN Design | August 9, 2010

What Everyone Ought to Know about Color Printing from Computer Documents

There's color on your screen, color in your professionally printed brochure, color that comes from your desktop color printer. The problem is, the red you see on your screen almost never matches the red you print out of your printer, and the red you print out of your printer almost never matches the job once you get it professionally printed.

Elena Nazzaro
BY Elena Nazzaro | IN Design | August 8, 2010

Improve Communication with Your Designer and Get Results

Tag, you’re it. You are the one who is charged to work with a graphic designer to produce, well almost anything. And guess what? You know nothing about what information is required. However, you can expect that there will be some things the designer will need to know. This blog discusses what questions you might expect to hear.